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Renato D’Agostin – Tokyo Untitled

Posted in Bøger, Fotografer, Land / Italien, Video by fotografiskskole on 8. maj 2011

Renato D’Agostin‘s bog Tokyo Untitled er så vidt vi kan se ikke så let at få i Europa (men kan naturligvis købes fra USA over nettet – f.eks. fra Photoeye – hvorfra vi har lånt bogopslagene – med den sædvanlige risiko for pålægning af fordyrende told- og momsomkostninger)

Ifølge Azurebumble skriver Renato bl.a. i bogen:

In 2007, I turned my attention to Japanese photography, which inspired me to explore what my point of view could be in a city so far from the world that had always surrounded me, but so close to the photographic imagery towards which I was addressing my attention. Longing to break the unconscious, immediate and easy processes of the known and the predictable, I traveled to Tokyo for the first time. I was immediately struck by a sense of disorientation and an inability to quickly locate my own position within the geography of the city.

My lack of precise references to the external world created in me feelings of isolation and detachment from my previously known realities. I was bewitched by the essential and monochromatic geometric forms, so delicate and precise, of the experience of street life, where these forms cause sounds to fall into a deep silence, muffling the interaction between architecture and human figures. I was impelled toward a quest for the unseen, for details and hidden elements. My perception of this outside world lost all sense of time, revealing an essence described by a language of the surreal and the abstract.

I later returned to Tokyo to repeat the experience. Guided by the same quest, but with a greater awareness of the cultural separation, I let isolation become introspection. I sought to recreate this world that belonged to me, as it is reflected by the city’s reality, while appropriating images and moments that delineate the “me” within its boundaries. It’s become my Tokyo. These works represents a visual record of my journey and its invisible elements diluted in visible everyday life.

Tjek flere billeder fra serien på hans hjemmeside, og tjek også hans Tokyo-video herunder – samt hans Moleskine-video, som vi også lige har taget med.

(af Renato og Kiki Allgeier)


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