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Graham Miller – Suburban Splendour

Posted in Fotografer, Land / Australien, Video by fotografiskskole on 26. januar 2011

Serien Suburban Splendour er ifølge den australske fotograf Graham Miller inspireret af film og literatur, især af den amerikanske forfatter Raymond Carver. Graham Miller siger bl.a. om serien:

It seems to me that Carver’s vision of ordinary blue collar people living lives of quiet desperation taps into a sense of contemporary isolation that reflects the anomie, uncertainties and vulnerabilities of existing in a world changed after 9/11, and on a planet which contemplates an undecided environmental future. These compressed cinematic frames try to articulate something of the soft lament that Carver alludes to. The characters are troubled, but not irretrievably lost; they carry a dignified endurance and a sense of bruised optimism. These people are survivors. They have a desire, as we all do, to be transported from darkness into light.


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